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Our Current Stance On The Cappuccino Gene

It has been brought to our attention that there are screenshots being shared amongst a group of individuals confused about our stance on capps, so I thought we'd take a moment to address that. 

First, I'd like to thank those that came to us to ask questions rather than continue to feed into the usual "behind the scenes" stuff. We're always willing to answer any questions anyone has and enjoy doing so.

The question we're getting is obviously, "So why did you buy a capp?", and "Has your stance changed?" We definitely have not changed our stance, but the cat and many litters of its kittens are out of the bag. Capps are everywhere.

Over a year ago we made a post taking a strong stance against capps and those that were working with them. We felt that many people working with them were being irresponsible with the morph and likely selling a lot of animals as non-capp that were in fact capp since many breeders were having difficulty properly identifying them. We thought this was a huge problem due to the health problems of supers. We were attacked for our position and told that what we said was untrue. Well, nothing we said was untrue. 

Turns out capps can come in base colors aside from brown/black, which has been proven by Steve Erly. Geckos no one thought for a second were capps definitely are. Who knows how many are out there now given the numbers of capps people were breeding. It is widely accepted now that "accidental supers" are definitely going to pop up, as there is still no clear way to identify these animals, especially among new keepers. There are also people out there still purposely breeding for supers and insisting they're healthy, while charging a fortune for them. 

So why did we purchase one? The main reason is because Dave really wanted to work with Sables. He almost purchased one back before Cindy identified there was something different about them, and I said, "Ew no! It's brown." LOL. It is undeniable now how beautiful and covered in pattern they can be, so we got a couple. But of course, "behind the scenes" people are saying, "Don't they know Sable are the same thing as Capp?". Well, we don't think they are. Yes they make supers, but the super Sable looks different than the super Capp and most importantly seems to have nostrils they can breathe out of normally. This topic gets complicated and I'll leave it for now. However, we felt the responsible thing to do was get a high white capp to grow up along side our Sables in order to compare the differences and/or similarities. We have zero plans to breed the capp, and have already stated that.

We purchased from someone we felt was being responsible with the morph, and he was extremely honest and forthcoming no matter how many questions we had. Yes Steve Erly makes supers, but he does so in order to prove out animals, whether we like it or not, that is really the only way to identify capps for certain, and he does not profit from supers, nor claim they are healthy, he does the opposite in fact. From what I understand, he has no plans to produce supers in the future. Certainly feel free to contact him with any questions though, as I don't want to speak for him. He is easy to find on social media or you can message us and we will help you contact him.

If anyone still has questions for us please reach out. We are always more than happy to talk. Let's stop spreading information about things we don't know or understand about others without first reaching out to them.


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